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March, 2011
Rockford Fosgate Announces New Punch Boosted Rail Amplifiers!

The following is a communication directly from our partner Rockford Fosgate!

Dear SMD Member,

Rockford Fosgate is proud to announce a new Punch boosted rail amplifier line: the PBR300X4, a 300 watt 4 channel boosted rail amplifier and the PBR300X1, a 300 watt mono channel boosted rail amplifier. Punch Boosted Rail Topology delivers impressive power in a compact chassis.

Rockford Fosgate's improved amplifier technology achieves greater output power than previous models, by equally boosting its supply voltage and current. For example, a voltage boost of 2:1 now results in a power boost of 4:1. The smaller size and weight of the BRT amplifier ensures powerful sound that can fit in most any space.

The Punch boosted rail amplifiers have a 42% smaller surface area than predecessors, and overall, the amplifier is 76% smaller in terms of its height, width, and volume, and yet it produces an amazing 300 watts of power.

The most significant advance in Punch BRT amplifiers is the unregulated power supply. More Voltage = More Power!

Technical Highlights of Both Amplifiers

BRT Punch Comparison

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Boosted Rail Technology
Selectable Hi / Low Level Inputs
(Balanced Differential)
Variable 4-6 Volt Hi Level DC Offset
Voltage Input Turn-on Control

Remote Out Feature when using Hi Level

Selectable Fully Adjustable 12 dB/octave
Butterworth Crossover
Optional Continuously Variable Remote
Punch EQ Control ready
Compact Design for Stealth Installations
Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink
Real Time Thermal Sensing with Dynamic
Thermal Management Rollback Technology
Muted Turn-on
Short Circuit Protection
Discrete Surface Mount (DSM) Technology
CEA-2006 and CE Compliant

Steve Meade

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