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SMD Member Newsletter - May, 2012

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To all SMD Members:

The SMD community has grown so quickly in the last few years it's hard to keep up with it all. The SMD forum is just shy of 50,000 Total Members - wow!

IMHO, the SMD forum is one of the best places on the 'net to learn about car audio. We have a great community here and the idea exchange and resources are second to none!

In this newsletter, I'm going to update you on all the cool products we're now offering as well as let you know of specials that select SMD Partners are offering.

SMD / D'Amore Engineering Products

All SMD / D'Amore Engineering Products are available exclusively at All products are designed, engineered, and manufactured by D'Amore Engineering right here In the USA!

SMD DD-1 Distortion Detector - Over 1,800 sold!


It's no secret . . . OK, it used to be. The trick to getting the most out of your system is to set the gain structure correctly. Yeah, back in the day even I thought that you couldn't get all the power out of an amplifier unless the gain was set at MAX. Later, someone came along and said, "Set your head unit volume at 3/4 and . . . " In reality, neither of these methods work.

If you want to get the absolute maximum output from your system (and who doesn't), then you've got to get your hands on a SMD DD-1. This tool is simple to use and it works! Not only will you get better performance, but you'll also eliminate the possibility of damaging your amplifiers and speakers with distortion - that's a WIN WIN so order yours up.


If you'd like to learn more about the SMD DD-1, just CLICK HERE.

SMD CC-1 Crossover Calibrator - Over 450 sold!


The SMD CC-1 Crossover Calibrator is designed to work hand in hand with the SMD DD-1 Distortion Detector. If you're running multiple amplifiers for your woofer(s), mids and highs, or both, this is an indispensable tool.

In a nutshell, the SMD CC-1 allows you to finely calibrate the crossover settings on each of your amplifiers. For example, let's say that you have (4) identical amplifiers for your subwoofers. You set the crossover control on each of them at 80 Hz - but is it really 80 Hz? If it isn't , you'll have a loss of output from the resulting phase shift caused by non-exact settings. No worries, the SMD CC-1 allows you to get that under control in minutes.

The SMD CC-1 also allows you to GAIN MATCH multiple amplifiers!


If you'd like to learn more about the SMD CC-1, just CLICK HERE.

SMD DD-1 and CC-1 Combo Pack - Save a Few Bucks and Get Both!


Ok, so you don't have either of these incredible tools and you'd like to save a few bucks of your hard earned cash for some other stuff - then this deal is for you! With both of these in your tool box, you'll be able to:

  • Set Gains like a Pro!
  • Eliminate Distortion!
  • Perfectly Calibrate Multiple Amplifier Installations!
  • Be the Expert!

SMD DD-1 and CC-1 Combo Pack - Special Price $289.99

SMD VU Meter Kit- Shipping the First Week of May, 2012!


This is one of the coolest products we offer! The SMD VU Meter Kit connects with up to two channels of ANY amplifier. You can integrate one or several into your installation for a WAY COOL visual display! Even better, you can also monitor in real time how close to clipping your amplifier is being driven - when calibrated with the SMD DD-1 - way cool!

The SMD VU Meter Kit is fully adjustable to be compatible with even the largest of power amplifiers. CLICK HERE to see a video of the it in action!

SMD VU Meter Kit - $124.99

SMD Line Output Converter - Sneak Peak!


Stuck with keeping your factory radio and still want good sound? No problem - we'll have you covered before long.

Most LOC's are DIRTY DIRT DIRT-MCGIRT - the SMD Line Output Converter will put out a 10V clean, non-distorted signal! CLICK HERE to learn more and to keep up to date on the release date.

SMD Partner Promotions and Announcements!

second skin

Second Skin is excited to announce that their ALL NEW web site is up and running! Click on their banner at the left and check it out for yourself!

"Steve, we have some more B-stock Damplifier Pro in stock and ready to ship. It varies in thickness and may have some minor wrinkles and minor defects. We're offering it in boxes containing 30 sqft. of product. Have SMD Members call us at (623) 533-8193 to order." - Ken, Second Skin


"Congrats to Team XS Power for making World Finals 2012 a record breaking show. It was easy to see who was powering the lanes. You have proven yet again that XS Power has the best competitors and we thank you for depending on us to power you to new world records! We would like to give special thanks to Pipo Sanchez for his hard work and dedication over his competition career. He will be missed competing in the lanes, but will still be hanging out with us at all the shows." - Nathan Way, XS Power

Audio Savings
second skin
Rockford Fosgate
Sundown Audio
Mobile Solutions
SKAR Audio
Del Ray Customs
D'Amore Engineering
CE Auto Electric Supply
CE Auto Electric Supply
Rockford Fosgate New Products

Sonic Electronix is our newest Partner. I asked them for a deal that I could offer to all SMD Members in this newsletter and they came through BIG! SO - How's 20% off all Crossfire Car Audio Products Sound?

Use Coupon Code SMDCF20 at checkout - but don't delay as this code is active only through Monday, May 7th at midnight PDT! Just click on the banner at the left to shop Sonic's complete listings of Crossfire Products.

SMD Web Community

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Well, with so much exciting stuff going on presently, SMD is definitely the place to get the inside scoop from your favorite
brands. Happy Holidays to you each and thank you for your support!

Steve Meade

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PS – PLEASE forward this to your friends as my personal invitation for them to become a member of SMD!