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SMD Member Newsletter - August, 2010

SM & the AA/SMDTo all SMD Members:

Man, just as you think all is going well, you get thrown a curve ball. As most of you know, I spent 7 long days in the hospital recently recovering from Acute Divriticulitus. Trust me, you don't want it. Not only was it incredibly painful, but I had to have surgery to correct it. Yeah, all went well!

It's times like this that you get to reflect on things that you otherwise take for granted. Let me tell you, my wife Michelle was at my side every step of the way - I just couldn't imagine having to go through something like this without her. I'm lucky!

Numerous threads appeared in the forum as a result of word of this getting around. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I did put up a single video on my You Tube channel while I was in the hospital. The comments I got were overwhelming. Again, thanks so much! It's times like this that SMD feels like my big extended family.

I'm back home now and on the road to a full recovery. I plan to celebrate by eating a big bag of chocolate covered pork rinds and down it with a big gulp mountain dew code red . . . j/k! Seriously, give me another few weeks to get fully recovered. Trust me, when I'm rested up I'll be killin' it with video!

System of the Month (SOTM) - JUNE

Now, we've seen some BIG SOTM turnouts, but this one takes the cake! This is without a doubt the biggest SOTM we have ever seen at SMD! My congrats' goes out to Twistedchild420 for takin' the top honors. I don't see many walls in Mustangs, so props for being unique!

Again, this is one of those builds where pictures don't do it justice - click any of the below to watch this system in ACTION! Check out his run in with the police in testing . . . we've all been there.

Twistedchild420 - How's it feel to win SOTM at SMD? "Thanks to everyone for making this happen! When I saw my competition, I honestly felt I had no chance. Much love to everyone involved in this month's running, especially my brothers from across the pond. We made this the most EPIC SOTM ever! I am honored to hold the title. Whether you're bangin' Jeezy or Hall & Oates, keep it LOUD and LOW!" My thoughts exactly.

System of the Month (SOTM) - JULY

Well, DC Audio has certainly had their showing in SOTM - with the last two winners running their subs. This time Rusty stepped up his game, put up a Level 3 sub to the winner . . . until I decided to take a road trip and visit Rusty. Then, he upgraded to a Level 4!

"First I want to thank everyone who voted for me! If it wasn't for SMD, I wouldn't have anything to do when I'm at work. I never would have thought that I would actually win a SOTM, but I take a lot of pride in my truck. It's not the fanciest thing around, but it's clean and loud. There was definitely some tough competition in the running. Thanks for all the love guys! Thanks also to Steve and Rusty for such a bad ass prize too!" - PUNKYOU007

Now, if ya' didn't already see, Rusty had me personally build the woofer that PUNKYOU007 won - CLICK HERE to see the video. How cool is that?

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What's Hot, New and Exciting?

Bruno has the following NEW goodies coming in September:
90mm HID Driving Light Kit
HID Projector Retrofit Kit
Click on the links and check 'em! FutureVisionHID is all I'll run!
Audio Savings
Audio Savings is still running the 10% promo on all HiFonics amplifiers for SMD Members - just use promo code HIFONICS10 when you check out. Does not apply to pre-packaged systems. Also CLICK HERE to check their deal of the day!

Sundown Audio

Man, you just gotta' stay tuned to the Sundown forum - Jacob's always got somethin' cookin':
E8 v.2 Pre-Order
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Future Product Development
second skin
Yep, ANT sold Second Skin. No worries, Ken & Sue Kanefield bought it and they are gonna' do it proper. CLICK HERE to learn more. ANT - we're all gonna' miss you at SMD. You're FIRST CLASS bro!

SMD Breaking News - NEW SMD Partner - MECHMAN!

Today will be the last day that DC Power is an SMD Partner. DC Power has decided to focus their efforts on other areas of the alternator business. I wish them well.

We have been in discussion with MECHMAN for some time now. I've always felt that TWO alternator companies were the right number for SMD and I still feel that way. Matt is no stranger here, he's been involved in SMD for a VERY long time. He's quick to answer questions and SMD members love MECHMAN products - this was a no brainer for us!

SMD Partners Hit the 1 Year Mark!

Check it out . . . the following SMD Partners have all surpassed a year with SMD. They've also signed on for another year. Let's show them a BIG THANKS by supporting them! Darvex, Mobile Solutions, Second Skin, and XS Power!

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Well, that's about it for this month. Until next time . . . thanks for being a member of SMD!

Steve Meade

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PS – PLEASE forward this to your friends as my personal invitation for them to become a member of SMD!