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SMD Member Newsletter - August, 2011

SM & the AA/SMDTo all SMD Members:

The anticipation. The wait. It's nearly over! The SMD DD-1 is in full production and shipping to the masses as we speak. As I've said before, we're still backlogged so bear with us as we get caught up.

Now . . . if you're sitting on the fence on whether or not to buy a SMD DD-1 for your toolbox, just consider just how easy this tool is to use - you certainly don't have to have a degree in engineering to use it. The DD-1 ain't about confusing, it's about SIMPLE. It does one thing and it does it BETTER than any other product that I'm aware of - it detects distortion. Use the DD-1 and you'll be able to set your system up like a pro in no time. By doing so, you'll be able to maximize its performance AND increase component reliability - now that's a win-win! Hat's off to my boys Tony D' and Juan of D'Amore Engineering for making it a reality!

But don't take my word for it . . . check out any of the following to see for yourself.

The SMD DD-1 Detects ALL Kinds of Distortion!
Watch and see just how well it does!

So, how difficult is the DD-1 to use you ask? Well, I made this video to the left where I turn my boy Jay loose with the DD-1. Keep in mind that Jay has never installed an amp before - I do all his installs for him. If Jay can do it in minutes, then SO CAN YOU! It's just that easy.

The SMD DD-1 is available for purchase at the introductory price of $139.99!

Watch my boy Jay set up the gains with the DD-1!

System of the Month (SOTM) - June

This was another great turnout for SOTM. dunkoholic took the win with 32.5% of the votes as well as the prize put up by Audio Savings - a complete Beyma system! It was just a matter of time before this bad-ass '54 Chevy took the win. You can check out his killer build HERE. Here are a few pics:

Clean and LOW!
Check the Junk in the Trunk!
Chillin' at the Local Show Scene

This build PROVES that you don't have to have 10,000 watts and 24 woofers to win SOTM! Congrats' bro . . . next time you're in the Sacramento area with the '54, be sure and look me up!

System of the Month (SOTM) - July

Man, every time DC Audio sponsors SOTM, we have a huge turnout. This time they put up one of their all new amplifiers and some 12" Level 2 subs. When SOTM came to a close, onebadmonte had what it took to close the deal. OK, a Warhorse sure didn't hurt but this super clean system didn't win because of that alone - be sure and view his build HERE and check out all the fabrication. Even the most experienced member can learn a thing or two!

Super Clean bro' - props!
Lots of great fab pics and ideas!
It takes power to make power . . .
second skin
Audio Savings
Rockford Fosgate
Sundown Audio
Mobile Solutions

What's Hot, New and Exciting?

The following are hot off the press from SMD Partners so check it out!


Yeah, you're looking at a pic of the all new XP Series batteries from XS Power. After much effort, I pried a picture from Nathan that we could share with you - yep, SMD Members are getting the first look at this product! Here's the scoop right from Nathan, "XS Power is known for their top of the line performance and for producing the most powerful batteries on the market. XS Power will debut the all new XP Series batteries at SEMA 2011. Retail pricing on the all new XP Series in a Group 31 size will be $319.99 with introductory specials kicking off around SEMA!" This brings XS Power Batteries into prices where everyone can afford them - that's AWESOME news!

Rockford Fosgate

The folks at Rockford are at it again with an over the top promotion! From Webwizard Eric Russell, "Rockford Fosgate is giving one lucky winner the chance to spend a day riding with Pro Motocross Racer Ryan Sipes. You'll be flown, accompanied by a guest of your choice, to sunny Phoenix, AZ where the Rockford Fosgate team will outfit you in MX racing gear, all for you to keep at the end of the day . . . You and Ryan will spend the afternoon tearing up the track . . . with Racer X magazine there to document your day!" CLICK HERE to get more details and to register to win!

second skin

Now, you likely got the Second Skin flyer announcing the launch of their all new AlphaDamp sound deadener that we sent out two weeks ago. I spoke to Jon from Second Skin about this earlier today - "I sent out a ton of sample packs over the course of four days, followed by more requests trickling in through the week. In fact, they are still coming in! The feedback from those that have gotten the samples has been extremely favorable and it's now in stock and shipping!"

If you missed it, you can view the flyer HERE.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions has a new hire! Let's welcome Brian Ford to the SMD Community. Brian will be working the Mobile Solutions forum, answering all your questions and sharing the latest and greatest with you. CLICK HERE to drop by the Mobile Solutions forum and welcome him.

One of the things that makes Mobile Solutions so valuable to us do-it-your-selfers is that they actually put the stuff they sell to work building bad-ass cars. Check out this SICK BUILD and you'll see what I'm talking about - CHECK OUT those radical door panels!

Sundown Audio

Jacob JUST Emailed me to advise me that Sundown will be running a raffle in conjunction with the National MS Society. Multiple Sclerosis is obviously a serious disease that attacks the central nervous system. They're working with a friend Terri Latimer in the National MS Society - Bike Event to raise money for MS research projects, client programs, and raise awareness about the disease in general. CLICK HERE to read more about the raffle in the Sundown Audio forum.

Jacob has been a model partner with us so please consider helping him to support this cause!

SMD Web Community

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Thanks for being part of my community!

Steve Meade

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