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SMD Member Newsletter - February, 2010

To all SMD Members:

Well, another new year is fully underway and SMD continues to grow like mad! It's only February, and there is a bunch to report so let's get to it.

As you may already know, I spent three days in the beginning of January at the Palms Hotel as a guest of Rockford Fosgate. Me and my Tahoe that is! I was there to show people just how bad-ass Rockford Fosgate amps are and I think I achieved that. For three days, I beat on the Tahoe and gave demos to fans, dealers, reps, international customers, etc. I've never had such a variety of people in my Tahoe. Everyone was duly impressed. This was awesome! The RF amps never thermaled, never shut down, never went into protection, etc. Man, if these amps can hold up to the abuse I threw at 'em with only two 90 amp power supplies and without being able to start my Tahoe the entire time, they'll hold up for you too!

OK, I gotta' admit . . .seeing all the new RF gear was cool too. I especially like the constant power amplifiers as they're designed to make the BIG power regardless of stuff like box rise or situations where you can't load the amp down fully. Now that's cool!

System of the Month (SOTM)

Ok, so you've probably already noticed that SOTM is gonna' be a little different in 2010. First, we took a month off so we could get a bunch of input from SMD Members on how to make SOTM better. After hearing you out, we came up with a game plan . . . themes.

This months's theme is Stock Charging Systems SUCK - It Takes Power to Make Power! It only made sense to bring DC Power back for this one as to date they sponsored the BIGGEST SOTM in our history. Sorry to those of you like me that have a bunch of big alts hangin' off your motor - this SOTM is for the SMD Member that can't afford a single high-output alt. Winner gets it FREE! Thanks to Dave and Robbie at DC Power for puttin' up the loot.

Now, you'd better stay tuned for SOTM in coming months because they will be equally as interesting. Let's just say that we have SMD Partners lined up to sponsor SOTM that put up products that are applicable to the theme. Hey, just so you know . . . just a short while ago, I couldn't get SQUAT for my own rides. Now, we have SMD Partners putting up BAD-ASS GEAR for FREE for SMD Members! How cool is that? Show them your support by entering and VOTING!

Now, for all of you that enter, I'm gonna' give you some tips to get you to the promise land and make YOUR build stand out:

1. GET YOUR SYSTEM STRAIGHT! You can't enter at all, if your system isn't finished. You do want to be rollin' listening to your system when spring rolls around right?

2. Take GOOD clear pics of your system so that everyone can see it in the best light. Don't just use the five that are least out of focus in your build thread! Post these pics up in the nomination thread.

3. If you get nominated, then you need to update your build thread by editing your first post with the new pics you posted up in the nomination thread. This way, when folks click on your name to check out your build, they immediately see your best pics.

4. Don't be a sore loser. Only one SMD Member can win each month. Choose your words carefully in your posts and you'll be building a good rep with other SMD Members - who may vote for you next month!

It kind of goes without saying that SOTM is kinda' unique to SMD. Make sure you tell your friends at other forums how we do it over here. They can't win FREE GEAR if they aren't a Member!

NEW SMD Partners!

I'd like to welcome Iraggi Alternator, DC Audio, and Audio Savings as our newest SMD Partners!

Iraggi Alternator - It kinda' goes without sayin' that Dom has supported me since day 1 so it's super nice to have Iraggi Alternator as a supporting Partner! My Iraggi's have never let me down and I run 30,000 watts RMS in my daily driver now - that's more than the biggest rock bands used in the early 70s! Hit Dom up in his forum - he'll take care of you.

DC Audio - Everyone knows Rusty and his wicked subs. thorshammer won the last system of the month with a pair of Level 5 10" woofers - and for good reason, they GET OFF! Rusty has also been part of my web site for a long time, so it's also great to have DC Audio as an SMD Partner!

Audio Savings - After numerous discussions with Sam (the big cheese), we felt that these guys would be a welcome addition to SMD. Since this is HOT OFF THE PRESS, I don't have a banner from them yet, but CLICK HERE to visit their web site and check them out. I'd follow their forum closely . . . they have BIG PLANS and are super excited to join SMD!

second skinDC PowerQ-LogicSundown AudioXS POWERDARVEXRockford FosgateMobile SolutionsFutureVisionHID.comIraggi AlternatorDC AUDIO

Please don't forget to support all SMD Partners as they are making SMD a better place!

AA/SMD Subs are Finally Here!

OK, unless you've been under a rock for the last year (or are brand new to SMD), you prolly' already know about the AA/SMD woofers. These woofers are simply awesome. Now you gotta' know, I've had a lot of 18s in my time - nothin' I've ever used comes close to these babies! They've handled everything I've thrown at 'em with ease! Scott at Ascendant Audio has done an awesome job with these woofers - just ask anyone that has heard them.

Hell yeah, it's THAT gnarly!
Better have 15 inches . . . of depth!
Now is this a match or what? LOL...

Here are some links you'll definitely want to check out that show just how bad ass these subs are if you haven't already seen 'em. Notice the reactions from the people in the vids!

The official thread - SMD SUBS ARE HERE! INSTALLED!

The SMD Subs Gettin' LOW! - Hittin' the Low Note ("Put On") - Roof Flex4! . . .

Girl Talkin' Smack Gets the Low Down! - Drunk Chick Almost Wets Seat - . . .

Now, you know I've got fans all over the country. I get pulled over by them all the time. This time it was my boy Nick from Georgia havin' to check the Tahoe out in person - Rolled up on (Again) Nick from Georgia - 4 18" AA/SMD . . .


18 inch
15 inch
Power Handling
3,500 Watts RMS
3,500 Watts RMS
Dual 1 or Dual 2 Ohm
Dual 1 or Dual 2 Ohm
Vented Box Size Range
4 - 7 cubic feet
2.5 - 4 cubic feet
Recommended Tuning
30 - 35Hz
30 - 35 Hz
$1,099.00 Each
$1,049.00 Each

If you want a pair of these subs, and I know you do, then send and Email to and get 'em on order! Ascendant Audio has a network of rougly 100 dealers nationwide, so I can steer you to the right one to buy them. These will be ready to ship any day now - follow the thread in the forum for more info! Don't forget, I hand signed EVERY dust cap!

What's Hot, New and Exciting?

Besides the AA/SMD subs that is . . . well, I've got some goodies to share with you from Iraggi, DC Audio,, XS Power, and Sundown Audio this month!

Iraggi AlternatorDom wanted me to mention a few things this month.
NEW Multi-Alt Kits - Dom is working on multi-alt kits for Ford Explorers, Chevrolet Impalas, and pre 1994 Chevrolet Trucks. If you have one of these vehicles and are looking for something SICK, then just contact him and he can give you the low-down.
NEW Custom Finishes - CLICK HERE to check out some of the pics of Dom's work. This stuff is drop dead gorgeous.

DC AUDIORusty and team wanted me to let you know that Team DC Audio had a very successful 2009 season. Overall, DC Audio took TWO dB Drag Racing championships, set a dB Drag Racing world record, took SIX MECA championships, and THREE TBP championships! Here's a quote from Ana in regards - "We are most proud of the ground pounding capabilities of our drivers. The loudest dB Drag and MECA 'musical' entries were done with our subwoofers! With a successful year behind us, we are now accepting applications for the 2010 season to build on the past year."

FutureVisionHID.comBruno says that his projector auxiliary lights have been selling very well for him. According to Bruno, "These bad boys put out tons of light for their small size, can be used for a wide variety of autos, semis, ATVs, motorcycles, and scooters. They can also be used as a direct replacement for fog / driving lights and they work extremely well in this application."

You know me, I asked Bruno for a DEAL on 'em . . . CLICK HERE to check it out! Thanks Bruno!

XS POWERAccording to Nathan Way at XS Power, the VCM is HOT! "The VCM configures stock and aftermarket alternators to battery voltages including 12V, 14V, and 16V. Voltage can be easily fine tuned from the dash-mounted controller." The dash-mounted controller permits voltage adjustment from 14.5V - 19.5V in 0.1 volt increments. The controller has a backlit digital display with bright / dim modes and a safety lock to prevent accidental or unwanted adjustments. The VCM plugs directly in to harness / alternator and sells for $129.00 plus shipping. Lear all about it HERE and HERE.

Sundown AudioSA-10 Pre-Sale - Jacob wanted to be sure that I mentioned to you all that he has the SA-10s on pre-sale now! The ETA on these woofers is mid to late May, 2010. As usual, if you order EARLY, you get the best deal! CLICK HERE to access the thread to learn all about it and order some up.
The Z v.2 is NOW AVAILABLE - This beast is available in 10, 12, 15, and 18 inch sizes and all have 1,500 watts RMS power handling capabilities. CLICK HERE to see a Z v.2 15 recently built for a customer and CLICK HERE to see a Z v.2 18.

Before closing out this month . . . I'll give you a sneak peak about next month's SOTM contest. For all of you out there that have an entry-level / hand me down / borrowed / too small / or less than optimum amp on your subs . . . you're not gonna' want to miss it. And . . . let's just say that Sundown Audio will be the sponsor - thanks to Jacob for stepping up on this one!

SMD Web Community

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HOT OFF THE PRESS - SMD on You Tube breaks 40 Million Total Views!

My You Tube channel just broke 40,000,000 in total views - YES, you read that right , 40 MILLION! It is now the #2 Most Subscribed of (All Time) in the Autos and Vehicles category and the #9 Most Viewed in the same category!

Well, that's about it for this month. Until next time . . . thanks for being a member of SMD!

Steve Meade

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