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SMD Member Newsletter - February, 2011


SM & the AA/SMDTo all SMD Members:

2011 is off to a great start. The SMD You Tube Channel is more popular than ever (averaging 120,000 views each day!), my facebook pages continue to grow at a feverish pace (totaling over 22,000 friends and fans now), and traffic to the web site and forums has been off the charts. We are creeping up on being the most highly trafficked car audio web site on the net period! A BIG THANKS to all of my members, fans, and subscribers for helping the SMD web community to continue to grow like this! It's amazing even to me.

2011 will be another BIG YEAR for SMD forum members. I'd like to make an official announcement - Audio Savings is stepping up BIG this year! Now, you probably already noticed that I changed the name of their Partner forum to "Audio Savings! - The Official Car Audio Site for the SMD Community." After a bit of negotiating with Sam, we inked a deal that will really drive SOTM participation and voting! No, I'm not going to spill the beans just yet on the details, but when you see the March SOTM announcement you're going to be pumped. If you've been sitting on your hands waiting to get your system in order, then now is the time to get it DIALED!

Now, it goes without saying that all of our SMD Partners have greatly contributed to our growth. Every single one of them has put together some kind of deal for you to benefit from. When you need GEAR, be sure and hit one of our partners up. When a friend needs a SYSTEM, be sure and refer them to one of our partners. Either way, make sure they know that I sent you!

System of the Month (SOTM) - DECEMBER

Wow - the December SOTM was off the hook. We had the biggest response EVER - thanks again to Audio Savings for putting up such a killer prize!

When the last vote was counted, teamSPB of the U. K. claimed the awesome video system from Audio Savings! Now, where else but at SMD will you see a vehicle transformation like this?

Your basic grocery getter
Insane door panels bro!

Now, how many of YOU have a basic looking vehicle like this that you can transform into a lean, mean, BAD-ASS machine? Hell, I haven't even mentioned that it also has almost 30,000 watts on (4) AA/SMD 18s! CLICK HERE to check out this build if you haven't already - it's NUTS! It's got plenty of videos that give you an idea of how much air it moves. Keep an eye on it as an alt upgrade is in the works!

Congrats' to the 2nd and 3rd place winners as well - rival904 and dc98hoe!

System of the Month (SOTM) - January

Ya' know . . . Second Skin has been an SMD Partner for a LONG time now - in fact, they're our longest standing SMD Partner and when they sponsor a SOTM, we always get a good turnout. Thanks Ken & Sue for sponsoring SOTM in January and keepin' it rollin'!

skittlesRgood claimed the prize with a super clean build. This goes to show you that you don't have to be slappin' AA/SMD 18s to win SOTM (although that sure don't hurt none . . . ).

Way cool front speaker placement!
Midbasses in custom door panels
VERY unique box - way cool!

Now, I gotta give skittlesRgood props - his build log has several finished pics on page 1. This helps get votes as you don't to dig through 35 pages just to see how it turned out. CLICK HERE to checkit' . . .

"First of all, thank you very much to everyone who voted for me. It's not often a small system gets the honor of winning SOTM, but you guys saw big things in the little guy. For anyone who didn't win, don't give up! I lost SOTM lots of times over the last year. Just keep building what makes you happy and challenging yourself. And as always, bump responsibly." skittlesRgood

skittlesRgood's persistence paid off - he was awarded a $250.00 shopping spree with Second Skin. And that's great advice . . . no matter how you interpret the last sentence.

I'll say it again - you can't win if you don't enter. We already have SMD Partners lined up to sponsor SOTM for many of the remaining months of 2011. Every SMD Member has a fair chance. Now, it goes without saying that I'll not tolerate cheaters - if you manipulate the system in an effort to get votes, you will be banned from SOTM for life! I hate to even bring it up, but SOTM is getting so big and the prizes are nothing short of outstanding. Enough said.

second skin
Audio Savings
Rockford Fosgate
Sundown Audio
Mobile Solutions
T3 Audio

What's Hot, New and Exciting?

T3 Audio

I got an EMail from T3 Audio advising that T3 Audio is now producing 75% of it's products right here in the USA with plans to go to 100% USA production by the end of this year - now that's what I'm talkin' bout! "In house production gives us full control over quality standards as well as access to the best parts and production standards available . . . man. In addition, this also allows us to tweak products for specific customer uses ya' know. This includes custom voice coil impedances, strength considerations for SPL competition, and cosmetic changes . . . " Edwin T. Socket

Good stuff for sure Edwin. He also sent a few pics of the T.S.N.S. 10" subwoofer, available with dual .35, .5, .75, 1, 2, and 4 ohm coils. The same can be said for the 12", 15", and 18" versions.

Man - this is one over the top ten! Who's gonna' be the first to do a build with forty of them?

Mechman is offering custom colors as an option for alternators. Now, you all should know by now that Mechman built me a new arsenal of alts for the Tahoe - and let me tell you, I love 'em! If you didn't know that, then CLICK HERE to check out one of the vids in regards. I had mine done in meadecherry and they look bad ass! Special thanks to Matt for working with me on that one.

mechman colored alts


"XS Power has listened to their customer's requests for a top of the line compact battery charger. The XS Power 1004 16V Intellicharger and 1005 12/16V Intellicharger have been the best chargers on the market for years now, but XS Power has added a few new great chargers to the lineup for 2011 . . . the HF1215, HF1415, and HF1615 - all priced at a reasonable $199.99. The best way to protect your electrical investment and extend the life of your batteries is to properly maintain them!" Nathan Way . . . CLICK HERE to check out the vid I did on the HF1215 - I love it!

XS HF 1215 charger
XS HF 1415 charger
XS HF 1615 charger
XS D3400 - a new look for 2011
Man, you gotta' get your hands on one of these chargers - pick your poison!
An all new look for 2011!

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Steve Meade

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