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SMD Member Newsletter - February, 2012

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To all SMD Members:

Occasionally, something happens within the SMD community that
makes me feel like I'm part of something so much bigger than I
ever imagined. In the last two months, two events have occurred
that have really affected me.

I'd like to dedicate this newsletter to them.

R.I.P. to my Friend Ike

On January, 16th, I got a sad email - "Steve this is the wife of Ike. Thank you for making his dream
come true unfortunately he passed away on 1-11-12."

Now, for those of you that don't remember . . . I was rollin' home from the dentist and was sittin' at
a light. This guy named Ike wanted to hear my system and he seemed pretty cool. He had seen my
videos on You Tube. Be sure and check out the video - still one of my personal favorites.

Ike - Dream Come True

My best goes out to Ike's friends and family.

SMD Members are the BEST!

If you're a regular, then there is no way that you missed this. But lots of folks haven't seen it yet so
I'd like to recap. Member Nine8SST posted a thread in the SMD Garage Sale Forum trying to sell his
disabled daughter's trike. What followed is remarkable - so remarkable, that it made the Seattle news!

Jesse Walker on TV

If you haven't read the thread, then take a few minutes and do so - CLICK HERE. SMD Members
really came through for Jason and Jessie, and as it turns out even another family that Jason donated
Jessie's old trike to. This is nothing short of amazing - a BIG THANKS to all of you that helped!

Hot, New and Exciting!

second skin

Second Skin is offering B-stock Damplifier Pro while supplies last at smokin'
deals! Ken says, "The B-Stock is available until it sells out . . . It is produced
while the machinery is being calibrated so it varies in thickness and size
slightly and may have some wrinkles or small defects but nothing that
affects the products functionality. The discount is about 20% off Damplifier
Pro's retail price."
Get it while they got it - CLICK to get some ordered up!

Audio Savings

Audio Savings and XS Power have teamed up to present SMD Members
with a Group Buy. Not only are they offering 15% off, which includes the all
new XP Batteries, they're also offering FREE SHIPPING!

CLICK to go directly to the thread and get yours on order! This is an
excellent opportunity to get a great deal on the best batteries!

SKAR Audio Skar is introducing the new 2012 SK Series Class D mono block amplifiers,
the SK-1500.1D and SK-800.1D. They are both 1 Ohm stable, strappable,
and include a remote bass knob. Kevin had the following to say, "Steve -
these amps are excellent performers for the money! They are in stock,
ready to ship, and are backed with a two year warranty."
Here's what's
REALLY cool - they have a trade-in program . . . CLICK to learn more!

Richard typically lies low in the forums . . . yeah RIGHT - he's one of our
most animated members and you just never know what he may say. He
emailed to be sure that I knew about the 25% off sale that he is running
through the end of March - just enter coupon code "SMD" at checkout.

Be sure and give Richard a shout for all your sticker and computer needs!

Audio Savings
second skin
Rockford Fosgate
Sundown Audio
Mobile Solutions
SKAR Audio
SKAR Audio
D'Amore Engineering
Del Ray Customs
CE Auto Electric Supply
Rockford Fosgate New Products See what happened in Las Vegas by checking out the Rockford Fosgate Blog.
The blog contains all Rockford Fosgate product announcements for 2012 along
with plenty of photos and videos as it happened from the Rockford Fosgate booth
at the PALMS resort & hotel.


XS Power is excited to announce that their batteries are powering 2
Xtreme Racing's Scarlet Bandit. They upgraded the old 12V system with
some D1400s. Nathan Way says, "The 14V battery bank upgrade was
the perfect solution for a 12V total loss system that just didn't have the
power to get the job done!"
CLICK to learn more and see the gorgeous
woman that drives it!

Mechman SMD 340 Amp with External Regulator

Mechman never rests on their hands and they're excited to announce
their all new polished billet units. They are available in 175, 220, 270,
and 320 amp versions. They are a direct bolt in for most old school
1965-1985 GM vehicles. They are self exciting, one wire, and feature 6
phase technology for incredible performance at idle, increased
efficiency, and bomb-proof durability.

This is an ideal alternator for anyone that shows their vehicle and wants
something that looks as good as it performs.

Mechman Billet Alternator


The SMD CC-1 Crossover Calibrator is SHIPPING! This is the perfect tool to complement the SMD DD-1 and they're just as easy to use. CLICK to learn all about it and get yours ordered up!

SMD is excited to announce the following NEW SMD Partners:

  • Del Ray Customs - these guys are super talented and have decided to share some of their skills with us at SMD!
  • CE Auto Electric Supply - this is your one stop shop for hard to find high quality automotive electrical products!
  • SonicElectronix - Yep . . . you heard that right! More to follow . . . so STAY TUNED!

SMD Web Community

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Well, with so much exciting stuff going on presently, SMD is definitely the place to get the inside scoop from your favorite
brands. Happy Holidays to you each and thank you for your support!

Steve Meade

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PS – PLEASE forward this to your friends as my personal invitation for them to become a member of SMD!