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SMD Member Newsletter - June, 2010

SM & the AA/SMDTo all SMD Members:

I've reached a milestone and wanted to share it with you. The SMD You Tube Channel has eclipsed 50,000,000 views! YES - FIFTY MILLION! That's pretty amazing given that I went live on You Tube in July of 2006 - next month will be four years.

In that time, the SMD You Tube Channel has achieved the following:

- 50,500,000+ views
- 48,000+ subscribers
- #4 Most Subscribed (All Time) - Autos & Vehicles (WORLD)
- #8 Most Viewed (All Time) - Autos & Vehicles (WORLD)

So, a big THANK YOU for subscribing and showing your friends my videos on You Tube!

System of the Month (SOTM) - APRIL

Sponsor: Second Skin
Winner: Mr. P

SOTM Vote Thread
Build Log

Ant steps up for SMD Members yet again by offering $250.00 worth of Second Skin sound deadening to the winner - I mean, who can't use that, right? Mr. P stepped up his game and went BIG - you've all seen this system featured on my You Tube Channel numerous times! Let me tell you, those (12) DC Audio 15 inch woofers move some freakin' air!

Pictures don't do this build justice - click any of the below to watch this truck in ACTION!

Mr. P - How's it feel to win SOTM at SMD? "Thanks everyone for showing how much you love the jeep! It feels great to win at SMD. When she's ready, I'll try to drive her across the country so everyone can feel the low lows!" - Mr. P . . . Hell yeah - make the first stop SMD WHQ!

System of the Month (SOTM) - MAY

Sponsor: None
Winner: Team_DC-Derrick

SOTM Vote Thread
Build Log

DAYUM' . . . DC Audio again! Wow . . . Rusty and team seem to know what it takes to build winning subs. How about (3) DC Level 5 18s in an '98 Acura Integra? Hell, that's one more 18 than I got in my Honda . . . check the pic and click on the video to see it in action. . . this thing is SICK!

"It's an honor to win something that everyone and their cousin has a chance to enter. I was honestly surprised that I won because it was never meant for anything other then my love of music. Thanks to everyone at SMD that voted for me and special thanks to my buddy Aaron Fowler who did the install!" - Team_DC-Derrick

System of the Month (SOTM) - JUNE

SOTM JUNE is sponsored by Audio Savings. Sam and team have really been a home run for us and they go out of there way to take care of SMD Members' needs. Audio Savings put up a $250.00 shopping spree for this month's winner and one lucky SMD Member is gonna' win it! Who couldn't use that? Great idea guys - thanks! CLICK HERE to visit the vote thread and VOTE!

I want to give a big shout out to all our SMD Partners for making SOTM so popular! Please show them your support by entering and VOTING! Please consider them when buying gear for your rides and refer them to your friends. SMD Partners have been instrumental in helping SMD be a better place for all of us! It kind of goes without saying that SOTM is kinda' unique to SMD. Make sure you tell your friends at other forums how we do it over here. They can't win if they're not a Member!

second skinDC PowerQ-LogicSundown AudioXS POWERDARVEXMobile SolutionsFutureVisionHID.comIraggi AlternatorDC AUDIOAudio Savings

What's Hot, New and Exciting?

DARVEXDarvex recently launched their new web site and they are adding 400 new items! CLICK HERE to check it out. The site is now super easy to navigate. Don't forget about the SMD Member discount code - MEADE .
XS POWERXS Power just released a new contingency program for competitors! It's easy: Step 1 - Register HERE. Step 2 - Use XS Power batteries in your ride. Step 3 - WIN! That's what I'm talkin' bout!
Iraggi AlternatorDom tells me Iraggi has a high amp alternator that will bolt up exactly like factory, plug in like factory, and be 100% compatible - for every vehicle. Just add the Big 3 and you're set. CLICK HERE to see their selection!
Audio Savings Audio Savings is running a great promo on all HiFonics amplifiers. SMD Members get an extra 10% off any HiFonics amplifier! Just use the promo code HIFONICS10 when you check out. Does not apply to pre-packaged systems.

Sundown AudioSAZ-2500D - Pre-Sale Thread
This sale runs through the 4th of July - $525 for a 2,500 watt RMS amp!
CLICK HERE to check out Jacob's latest project - a Neo 8" with a 3" coil! BAD - ASS!

Mobile SolutionsBryan has been SUPER busy - but, not too busy to throw SMD Members a bone. Bryan says SMD Members get 15% off through the end of July! Call them at (800) 859-6493 and tell them you're an SMD Member!

SMD Breaking News - NEW SMD Partner - TechForce Services!

I'd like to welcome Richard and team at TechForce Services to the SMD family. Since DAY ONE, we've needed someone to go to for all of our sticker needs - now we have that and more. These guys do SWEET stickers, banners, etc. CLICK HERE to see one of two videos I put up on You Tube showing their work - awesome stuff.

In addition, TechForce Services also builds custom PCs to your specifications. CLICK HERE to check out the one they built for me to cover all my video editing needs! It's WAY BAD-ASS and I love the custom wrap! Thanks guys - it's great to have you on board!

SMD Breaking News - SMD Sales & Marketing Manager snafu Gets Award!

How cool is that? Our very own Sales & Marketing Manager just got a IAMA Bronze award for automotive books for his book Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems! The award was given in the Technical: How To Do It category! "The 19th annual Automotive Media Competition concluded June 21, 2010, with the presentation of the 2009 International Automotive Media Awards (IAMAs). The event was held at the Automotive Hall of Fame, Dearborn, Michigan . . . " A BIG CONGRATULATIONS goes out to snafu - if you don't own this book, then GET IT!

SMD Web Community

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Well, that's about it for this month. Until next time . . . thanks for being a member of SMD!

Steve Meade

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