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SMD Newsletter - Aug 2009

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To all SMD Members:

Man - July was one of the BIGGEST MONTH'S in SMD's history. SMD had just over 32 million hits in July - my biggest month in . . . well, ever! Lots of exciting stuff to tell you about . . . so I'm gonna' get to it!

July Re-cap

System of the Month - winner Johnathan Price!

All right . . . so by now, you already know that my boys Dave and Robbie at DC Power stepped up their game big time and put up an alternator and dual alt kit for the winner of the July SOTM. Well, after your votes were tallied up, it was Johnathan Price (98HOEONSIXEZ) that claimed the prize! In addition, this was the BIGGEST voting turn out for SOTM ever! I guess ya'll know when there's some freebies on the line, it's worth checkin' out!


Here's what Johnathan had to say in regards - "First of all, I would like to thank MR. STEVE MEADE himself for having this awesome forum!! Without it, a lot of people wouldn't have anywhere to go to talk car audio and share the love for this hobby. Also, thank you for your inspiration for me to have had such a monster build - it's been a long road with many bumps but the reactions are priceless! Secondly, I would like to thank ROB over at DC POWER for stepping up with the awesome prize of a 270sp HO alt and bracket. I have found their customer service and QUALITY of product is the best out there when it comes to alternators PERIOD! Finally, I would like to thank everybody for showin' their support and love for my build!" Johnathan - you're welcome and thanks for being so involved in SMD!

If you didn't see Johnathan's build then CLICK HERE and check it out! Thanks again to DC Power! - if you're even thinkin' about a HO Alt, then you owe it to yourself to click on their banner above and check out their products!


second skinBy now, you all know Ant. Since he partnered up with SMD, he's never let us down. Ant did his second give-a-way in July and promised he'd limit the winners to TEN. Guess what? Again, Ant goes above and beyond and hooked up 15 SMD Members with free Damplifier Pro door packs!

Ant - You're the man! No wonder you've gained so much popularity within the SMD community so quickly! Now, if you're one of the winners, then you owe Ant a review - so post it up!

If you missed this second give-a-way, then you're in luck because Ant is doin' it again! CLICK HERE to go to the thread and check out the guidelines (easy!) The promotion runs for two weeks only so if you want IN then you need to go sign up right away! Thanks again Ant!!

July Membership Bump

SMD membership grew by about 560 in July alone to roughly 9,100! As of this writing, SMD sits at 9,314 members - will we hit 10,000 this month or next? I wanna' hit 10,000 this month - so tell all your friends to JOIN SMD!

August . . . what's up this month???

June was a killer month, July was even better . . . so, what's up this month? AGAIN, SMD Partners are bringin' their A-Game to keep things interesting . . . here's the scoop:

System of the Month

I announced Darvex as a new SMD Partner in last month's newsletter. Well, not only do these guys take their customer service serious, but they've already stepped up and sponsored SOTM! Thanks Trail! The winner of thisDarvex month's SOTM will take home the following:

  • Stinger SP1000 Dry Cell Battery AND
  • Stinger SVMB Voltage Gauge AND
  • Stinger Positive and Negative Battery Clamps . . . !!!!

Now which of us couldn't use that? That's $335.00 worth of freebies!!! Now, As I write this, we already have the 15 nominees for August SOTM but that's OK. Get in there and vote for your favorite build. If you didn't get nominated this go, there's always next month . . . Click SOTM Winners to see previous System of the Month winners' builds, or CLICK HERE to go straight to the System of the Month forum and vote for your favorite system - let's see if we can top last month's voting!

Special Promo from Q-Logic!

Now, I announced Q-Logic as a new SMD Partner last month as well. Owners Bill Basore and Dave Cunningham have enthusiastically joined the SMD Community with a killer promo! Basically, it works like this . . . you buy a pair of their awesome Q-Form Kick Panel kits and a pair of Rockford Fosgate Punch component speakers and you get the set at slightly over 50% off!

Q-Logic PROMO!

Holy S&%$ that's a killer deal! I've got a pair of their kick panels on the way for my Tahoe as we speak. As you all know, it's undergoing a full redo so keep an eye out in the BUILD THREAD for me to be installing these kick panels real soon! Now, this promo is for AUGUST ONLY, so if you want to get in on this deal, then you gotta' act now! Click on the banner above to get the low-down on the rules and sign up!

New SMD Partners

I'd like to welcome both XS Power and Rockford Fosgate as the newest SMD Partners. Now everyone knows that I run both their products in my personal vehicles. It's great to have them on board!

XS POWERThese guys make great batteries - that's why I use 'em in all my builds. Their chargers are also top notch. Scottie has been a member of the community for a while now and is ready, willing, and able to answer any and all application questions you may have. Be sure and visit the XS Power Forum and see what's up. Also, they just launched their brand new web site - just click on the banner at the left and check it out. Again, I'm happy to have these guys as an official SMD Partner!

rockford fosgateAll right . . . when it comes to amplifiers, who doesn't know that this is my go-to brand? Heck, a lot of folks think I work for Rockford or something! Nope, I just run their stuff because it holds up to my abuse day in and day out. As I mentioned above, the Tahoe is gettin' all new gear - how's (8) T2500-1bd amps sound for bass? How 'bout (2) T1000-4s, (1) T600-2, and (1) P200-2 sound for the top end? If that sounds killer to you, then you need to follow the BUILD THREAD! Great to have my favorite amp brand as an official SMD Partner!

I am working on several other SMD Partners. My goal continues to be to offer SMD Members real value for decidin' to hang out at my 'site. So, pass the word - tell a friend, a cousin, a co-worker, etc. and encourage them to sign up! Or just forward this newsletter to everyone in your contacts list.

Don't forget that, I'm active all over the web - the following buttons will take you DIRECTLY to each part of the SMD Web Community. Be sure and check it all out . . . and join my network!

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Finally, I'd like to let you each know that my You Tube channel now has over 19,600 subscribers - that's over 3,000 new subscribers since the last newsletter! Now my video collection now has over TWENTY THREE MILLION total views - an increase of 3 million since last newsletter! Thanks for spreading the word about my vids to your friends and making my You Tube Channel the most popular car audio channel on You Tube! If you're ever in Sacramento, look me up and you just might be featured in a vid.

Thanks for being a member!

Steve Meade

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PS – PLEASE forward this to your friends as my personal invitation for them to become a member of SMD!