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SMD Newsletter - July 2009

To all SMD Members:

Wow - SMD had an unbelievable June and I have each of you to thank for that! By now, you should be aware that I've partnered up with several companies (SMD Partners) in an effort to spice things up a bit! Before I tell you about all the exciting stuff going on this month, let's re-cap last month . . .

June Re-cap

System of the Month - winner Patrick Stone!

Second Skin joins SMD and pulls both guns out of the holster! Man, I just gotta' thank my boy Ant for stepping up his game. When he told me he was excited to be part of SMD, I had no idea what he meant. Second Skin sponsored the June System of the Month and ponied up over $250.00 worth of sound deadening goodies to the winner!

I'd like to congratulate Patrick Stone for his BAD-ASS BUILD and winning SOTM for June! Here's what he had to say in regards to winning - "Thanks for all the votes!! I am just amazed at how huge SMD has grown since I joined in '07. Thanks to Second Skin and all of the sponsors here at the best car audio forum on the 'net!!! I will keep up with this site while I'm on my government funded vacation to Afghanistan...keep me sane while I'm away from my family." Patrick, it is us that should be thanking you for serving our country - Thanks brother!

If you didn't see Patrick's build then CLICK HERE and check it out!

Second Skin


As if it wasn't enough to sponsor the June SOTM, Ant turned right around and offered "TEN" FREE Damplifier Pro Door Packs. 68 SMD Members responded. 68 SMD Members met Ant's requirements. So, what did Ant do? He gave a Damplfier Pro Door Pack to ALL 68 SMD Members! Ant - you da' man! If you didn't take Ant seriously, well you've got another chance this month. . . see below for more details. And if you haven't seen it, I posted up a vid on You Tube thanking Ant for goin' all out for SMD - CLICK HERE to check it out.

Now if you won one of those Damplifier Pro Door Pack kits, then you owe Ant a review - get those pics posted up and tell the world how great Second Skin products are! Either way, click on the Second Skin banner above and check out the industry's BEST sound deadening products!

June Membership Bump

Well, we had a lot of cool stuff goin' on at SMD in June. As a result, SMD membership grew by about 750 in June alone to roughly 8,600! The way it looks right now, we should equal or even pass that this month! That's almost a 10% membership lift in ONE MONTH!

July . . . what's up this month???

June was a killer month for SMD - but my goal is to to continue making SMD the most popular car audio 'site on the web - and SMD Partners are a key to that!

System of the Month

DC PowerThe winner of this month’s System of the Month will walk away with our biggest prize yet . . . my boys Dave and Robbie over at DC Power said, "Steve, how 'bout we give this month's System of the Month winner an alternator?" Now, who am I to argue with that - I said HELL YEAH - THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN 'BOUT! That's right, the winner will get:

  • A 250 - 300 Amp alternator to fit their vehicle AND
  • A dual alt kit IF one is offered for their vehicle - allows you to retain the factory alternator . . . . . !!!!

DAYUM' - that's up to a GRAND worth of goodies! DC Power was the first SMD Partner to sign up and I wanna' thank them for being loyal to SMD! These guys don't just hot rod stock alternators, they're a full-on manufacturer. Rest assured, they build extremely high quality products and back them with top-notch customer service!

DC PowerNow, you can’t win if you don’t enter.  Click SOTM Winners to see previous System of the Month winners' builds, or CLICK HERE to go straight to the System of the Month forum and check out the competition. We've had a lot of people enter this month, but don't let that discourage you - get nominated!


Not to be outdone, ANT from Second Skin is doing a repeat of last month's give-a-way and will give TEN more lucky SMD Members Damplifier Pro Door Packs this month absolutely FREE! To learn more about the specifics of the July Second Skin give-a-way:

CLICK HERE to access the video on You Tube -- CLICK HERE to access the forum thread

If you want in on the action, then you'd better get posted up! And, don't expect Ant to do what he did last month either . . . he's only got so many dollars ya' know . . .

New SMD Partners

I'd like to welcome Darvex as an SMD Partner- it's official! I've been buying and using their products for years now and they deliver the goods, have excellent customer service, and have always taken care of me. If you need a roll of 1/0 AWG cable or just some cable ties - hit these guys up! Click on their banner below and check 'em out!


If you have any questions about their killer service, you gotta' check out what other SMD Members have to say about them in their forum - CLICK HERE to see for yourself! Don't forget to use "meade" as the coupon code when checking out and you'll get a 5% discount on your entire order just for being an SMD Member! Is that cool or what? Thanks guys for hookin' SMD Members up!

Q-LogicI'd also like to welcome Q-Logic as an SMD Partner! Q-Logic is totally new to the SMD community and will be great to have on-board. We've all got killer systems in our toys, but these guys offer us some really cool solutions for our other vehicles. I don't know about you, but my wife would love a subwoofer box to go under the seat of her truck and have a factory look - so, that's just what she's getting. Keep an eye out for more news in regards to this partnership in the forum!

I am currently working on several other SMD Partners. My goal is to offer SMD Members real value for decidin' to hang out at my 'site. So, pass the word - tell a friend, a cousin, a co-worker, etc. and encourage them to sign up! Or just forward this newsletter to everyone in your contacts list.

Don't forget that, I'm active all over the web - the following buttons will take you DIRECTLY to each part of the SMD Web Community. Be sure and check it all out . . . and join my network!

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Finally, I'd like to let you each know that my You Tube channel now has over 16,500 subscribers and my video collection now has over TWENTY MILLION total views. Just a short time ago, I was celebrating a million total views. Thanks for spreading the word about my vids to your friends and making my You Tube Channel the most popular car audio channel on You Tube! If you're ever in Sacramento, look me up and you just might be featured in a vid.

Thanks for being a member!

Steve Meade

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PS – PLEASE forward this to your friends as my personal invitation for them to become a member of SMD!