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SMD Newsletter - June 2009

To all SMD Members:

You may have noticed some changes at the ‘site lately.  I have recently invested a BIG STACK of cash in an effort to make SMD a more welcoming place.  As you know, my web site has experienced tremendous growth over the last three years and now I’m doing my best to make it an even better place for you to hang out!  I’m proud to report to you that SMD is now OVER 8,000 members strong!

As a way to thank each and every one of my members for their support, I’ve added a couple twists this month. The first twist is to the System of the Month – give-a-ways for the winner!  For the month of June, Second Skin has agreed to put up $250.00 worth of goodies for the winner of the System of the Month!  Second Skin is a new partner to SMD and they offer world class sound deadening materials for your vehicle – a must have for any vehicle with a killer system!

Second Skin

The winner of this month’s System of the Month will get more than Braggin’ Rights . . . they’re gonna’ get the following at no charge to them:

That’s right – $279.79 worth of goodies!  I wanna’ give a big shout out to my boy ANT at Second Skin for steppin’ up with the good stuff!

Now, you can’t win if you don’t enter.  Click SOTM Winners to see previous System of the Month winners' builds, or CLICK HERE to go straight to the System of the Month forum and check out the competition.

As if that wasn't enough, my second twist for this month is . . . another give-a-way! ANT from Second Skin is goin' all out and will give TEN lucky SMD members FREE Second Skin product this month! YOU READ THAT RIGHT - FREE! To learn more about the specifics of the June Second Skin give-a-way:

CLICK HERE to access the video on You Tube -- CLICK HERE to access the forum thread

As a reminder, I'm active all over the web - the following buttons will take you DIRECTLY to each part of the SMD Web Community. Be sure and check it all out . . . and join my network!

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Thanks for being a member!

Steve Meade

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PS – PLEASE forward this to all of your friends as my personal invitation for them to become a member of SMD!