Engineered to Rock

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So . . . what is Engineered to Rock you ask? Simple. Engineered to Rock was the solution to a simple problem. A problem that required fast thinking and implementation to preserve profitability and increase sales.


In 2004, Rockford defined a problem with amp kit sales. Specifically, they were shrinking. As the cost of raw materials continued to skyrocket, a company like Rockford could not be competitive with the larger accessory only companies as they did not have the same buying power. In addition, Rockford refused to compromise the integrity of the product as it had built its name on Full Spec power wire - that which met the American Wire Gauge specification. This meant that they would be faced with even greater cost increases when compared to other companies that chose to reduce the amount of copper to avoid increasing price. Combine this with the fact that Rockford was already the premium priced amp kit in the 12 volt industry and the challenge was two-fold.


While it seemed certain that Rockford would be faced with losing additional market share in the incredibly important amp kit category, Tony Candela came up with a simple solution that would enable Rockford to increase its market share while at the same time providing its retailers with an incredibly powerful sales program. This sales program would allow participating retailers to increase their profitability on each sale of an amplifier - an important thing indeed in an industry built around price erosion. That solution became Engineered to Rock - a name borrowed from another of Rockford's accessory growth campaigns.

ETR Overview2k5 RF ETR counter card2k5 LA ETR counter cardEngineered to Rock allowed Rockford to continue offering Full-Spec power wire and remain profitable selling it. In addition, this provided retailers a vehicle to sell the correctly matched amp kit based on the actual power requirements of the amplifier. Initially, the program applied to both Lightning Audio and Rockford Fosgate amp kits sold with a Rockford Fosgate amplifier, as many retailers also sold Lightning Audio accessories or sold them in lieu of Rockford Fosgate accessories. Participating retailers enjoyed additional profits on their amp sales and consumers enjoyed the full performance that their amplifier was capable of thanks to this simple program. [One of the side benefits that many retailers reported as a result of participating in the program was lower amplifier failures overall as a result of using the appropriate gauge of wiring.]


Every amplifier that left the factory had a "FREE Extended Warranty" sticker on its box - like seen below on the right. Every amp kit had a "FREE Extended Warranty" sticker on its packaging - like seen below on the left. They were designed to complement one another and remind the retailer to offer the program. 8.5" x 11" counter cards, like seen above, were provided to the retailers so that they could easily determine which amp kit went with the amplifier they were selling. This match was determined by the actual current requirements of the amplifier. At the time of the sale, the customer would retain a proof of purchase of the amp kit, this was the UPC code on the inner liner. [Even though the overview states a serial number sticker would be included in future amp kits, this never materialized.]

Free Warranty


This was the true beauty of Engineered to Rock - simple for the consumer to understand, simple for the retailer to offer, and simple for the repair department to administrate.

consumer2k5 PVC rear

- Purchase a Rockford Fosgate amplifier and the correctly matched amp kit from an authorized Rockford Fosgate retailer and extend the warranty of your amplifier by one full year!

-Retain the receipt of purchase from the authorized dealer along with the UPC code of the amp kit to be eligible - no registration necessary!

- Provided with each amplifier is the highly coveted Performance Verification Certificate (PVC), which outlines the performance of that specific amplifier. The warranty policy was clearly spelled out on the rear of the PVC, along with a place to attach the UPC code. As the PVCs are collected by consumers, this provided an excellent place for the consumer to keep the UPC code.


- Use the provided matrix to sell the consumer the correctly matched amp kit.

- Provide the consumer a sales receipt of their purchase and the UPC code from the amp kit to retain!

repair department

As no registration was necessary for the consumer to be eligible for the additional year of warranty, nor for the dealer to offer it, tracking was simple. The warranty department was instructed to repair out of warranty amplifiers at no charge to the customer IF they were within a year of the expiration of the original warranty, they included a copy of the receipt of purchase from an authorized Rockford Fosgate retailer, and included with the receipt was the UPC code from the correct amp kit - thereby providing proof of purchase of it.


As Engineered to Rock was a win at all levels, the program was responsible for increasing Rockford's amp kit sales in 2005 in excess of 25% when compared to 2004! This program has been so successful, it continues to this day. In the following years, Engineered to Rock helped Rockford to hold market share in this even more competitive category.

ETR 2k6 and beyond

In 2006, it was decided that Lightning Audio amp kits no longer applied to the program. In addition, the small counter card was replaced with a 2k6 PVC rear2k7 RF ETR poster2k6 RF ETR posterlarge poster that Rockford's marketing department designed to be hung on the wall in the retailer's showroom. This poster made it easier for the retailer to educate the customer on the benefits of the program. A similar poster was offered in 2007. Finally, the PVC was updated to reflect a new overall look.

As Engineered to Rock was a win at all levels, the program was responsible for increasing Rockford's amp kit sales in 2005 in excess of 25% when compared to 2004! This program has been so successful, it continues to this day.


Special thanks to Bill Basore, Larry VanSickel, and the incredible marketing department at Rockford Fosgate for their help in making this program a reality.