The Power Challenge

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The T3002 Consumer Challenge

The T3002 Consumer Challenge was a consumer oriented derivative of the original T3002 Challenge, which was a dealer only event.  After hearing about the original T3002 Challenge at the  rep council in December of 2005, sales rep John Bachman of AR Marketing (of Richmond, VA) suggested that Rockford take this event on the road to dealers.  In the summer of 2006, that’s exactly what was done.

In preparation for the event, Tony Candela and Anthony D’Amore loaded two pallets of test equipment including:

This test equipment was shipped to Audio Express in Richmond, VA for the first ever consumer challenge.  Candela again put up the $3,002 bounty - but this time it was offered to the first consumer that could provide an amplifier that would outperform the T3002.

In addition to the testing suite, Candela set up a (20) speaker system for a T3002 to drive.  [By now, this was formally known as The Wall-O-Bass.]  In addition, the T3002 was configured to power a household blender (to blend non-alcoholic mixed drinks), and burn pencils to demonstrate its power, ruggedness, and versatility.  Also, sales rep Jamie Franklin of AR Marketing brought their Scion XB demo vehicle, its system powered by a pair of T3002 amplifiers.  Finally, Audio Express provided two excellent Rockford Fosgate demo vehicles that they built in house.  This proved to be an excellent formula that would be replicated for future Power Challenge events as the parking lot was full all weekend.


Audio Express promoted the event as the Rockford Power Challenge (a name that would stick) and had an excellent turn-out.  Over the course of the weekend, consumers elected to bring in their amplifiers for Anthony D’Amore to measure at no charge to them.  As the Power Cube’s measurement process was displayed on a 50” flat screen TV, the owner and bystanders were able to see each step in the process of measuring the performance of the amplifier.  Although the idea was to stay within the original parameters of the $399 guideline, this proved nearly impossible as consumers brought in amps of all sizes and as many as 15 years old.


For those consumers that provided amplifiers that met the challenge guidelines, none was able to claim the bounty but they were each given a AE WOBT3002 T-shirt.  Wow, did this ever dispel a bunch of myths.  As a result, many consumers elected to purchase a brand new Rockford Fosgate amplifier on the spot!  Over the course of the weekend, this event proved to sell many Rockford Fosgate amplifiers and systems.  In the weeks to come, the momentum of this event carried on and Audio Express enjoyed excellent sales as a result.  After the event, Candela and Franklin set up the Wall-O-Bass in Audio Express’ showroom, where it was instrumental in making many sales long after the event was over.

The Power Challenge

Based on the success of this first ever event, Candela decided to take the event to the Pacific Northwest.  In the fall of 2006, Aspen Sound hosted the second consumer event – now formally known as The Power Challenge.  Based on what was learned at the Audio Express event, the $399 and below guidelines were dropped in favor of testing any amplifier that a consumer wanted to have measured.  This turned out to be a huge success.

The event was set up in a similar fashion to that of the Audio Express event with four events occurring simultaneously. Following was the original write-up given to dealers hosting the event:

Event 1 – REAL POWER via The Wall-O-Bass

To demonstrate the REAL POWER that Rockford Fosgate amplifiers deliver, we’ll connect a T3002 Power amplifier to drive (16) Punch P1 12” woofers and (4) Power 6x9s!  That’s right – one amp powers TWENTY speakers!AS5AS3


To demonstrate just how tough Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are, we’ll use a T3002 Power amplifier to power a blender and make mixed drinks (less the alcohol, of course).  In addition, we’ll use the same T3002 to burn pencils to show consumers how our amps can play even the most difficult of loads.


We’ll have one of the BRAND NEW Scion demo vehicles with a pair of T3002 Power amplifiers driving (4) P3 15s and (3) pair of Power Series separates.  We’ll put customers in it for them to experience “The Punch” first hand!


To prove the superiority of Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, we’ll bring a complete testing suite – including the infamous PowerCube!  That’s right, we’ll put ANY BRAND of amplifier to the TEST to prove to customers that you ALWAYS get more for your money when you choose Rockford Fosgate.  We will gladly test Rockford Fosgate amplifiers as well for potential buyers.  In addition, an engineer from Rockford Fosgate will do all of the testing and be on-site to answer any and all questions your staff and consumers may have!


At the Aspen event, a few twists were incorporated to further improve the event:

1. After Anthony D’Amore measured an amplifier for a consumer, he was given a similar priced Rockford Fosgate amplifier to measure.  He quickly showed the owner the power capability of the Rockford Fosgate amp when compared to what they brought in to be measured. In many cases, the Rockford Fosgate amp would make several times the power and do so without the limiting effects that the Power Cube reveals.

2. Anthony D'Amore would measure any brand new Rockford Fosgate amplifier for the prospective customer to show them the power the amplifier was capable of. This removed all questions about how accurate the enclosed Punch Verification Certificate was (they were within 1% or so). If they chose to purchase the amplifier, he would autograph it.

This took sales to new heights as many attendees elected to buy a Rockford Fosgate amp on the spot . . . some right after peddling the amp they brought in to be measured to an onlooker for pennies on the dollar! Like the Audio Express event, the momentum of this event carried on after it was over.  As a result, Aspen Sound enjoyed excellent sales of Rockford Fosgate products for the next several weeks.

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Due to the time it took to plan and put on these events and the resources required, only two other Power Challenge events took place – one more at Aspen Sound in the fall of 2007 and the final at Stereo One in Cape Girardeau, MO in the spring of 2008.

Special thanks goes to Anthony D’Amore as these events simply would have not been possible without his assistance! In addition, thanks to Greg Cobbs for his efforts in making crates to ensure safe transit of the test equipment.