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Content Development

We specialize in converting industry specific features and terminology to consumer friendly messaging.  We can work directly with any level within your company, including engineering, to discover design features and benefits that can be utilized to develop the message.

Why pay unnecessarily for content development by someone that doesn’t understand the vocabulary of the automotive industry?  We’re enthusiasts . . . well versed in the vocabulary, technology, and terminology.  As a result, we can actually save you money for the development of this content.  This can then be turned into sales and marketing collateral to give you an edge in the marketplace.

Idea Inception

This is where we shine!  With a track record for providing solutions to even the most difficult of problems, Candela Sales & Marketing is up to the challenge.  Whether you have a product or service that is a shining star, you can count on us to identify the correct way to bring it to market or improve your current marketing efforts.  Engineered to Rock , The T3002 Challenge, The Power Challenge, and The Wall-O-Bass are the most recent examples of our credentials.

Program Development

So you’ve got a product or service that is without peer . . . but you feel your market penetration could improve.  You can count on us to deliver the right collateral at the wholesale level to get the attention you require.  In addition, our many years of working with sales representatives and distributors give us the inside track on how to get the time your company warrants.

If you would like an example of our work, please contact us directly. We do not post this on our web site out of respect of client confidentiality.

Sales Tools

Do you have a product or service that you feel offers you a growth opportunity?  If so, then you need the right tools at all levels to ensure this.  Have you defined the way you want to go to market?  Do you have the collateral to support the message?  Does you staff echo this message?  Can it be easily demonstrated by your staff?  By your wholesale partners?  By your retail partners?  If not, then we can help.

Tech Briefs

Getting your point across effectively may sometimes require the use of a technical document. Don't let industry jargon or technical mumbo jumbo confuse the reader. We can easily help you to keep the reader interested, thereby driving your point home. Well written tech briefs can differentiate you from the pack - differentiate your message from theirs. We specialize in delivering such documents . . . written in plain english.

Sales FlyerTech BriefInstall Guide 1Install Guide 2Install Guide 3

Installation Guides

Let's face it, most installation guides leave a lot to desire. We specialize in writing these in terms that the installation technician, or even the end user, will easily understand. Don't settle for something that your vendor supplies you with, especially if it is poorly translated.

Well written installation guides will minimize calls into your customer service and / or technical support department. In addition, those departments will be able to refer to these guides in the event they do have to field calls in regards.

Consulting for businesses big and small

You’ve got a full plate no doubt and you feel that you could benefit from an outside perspective – no problem.  With years of experience at all levels of sales, we can help.  Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever.  If you’re looking to fine tune your business so that you can maximize your ROI, then you’ve found the right company to work with.

CommunicationPress Release 2Press Release

One of the keys to being successful is to communicate your successes . . . often.  Whether marketing to existing clients, potential clients, or the media, this is the day and age of having your messaging stand out among the crowd.  Professionals want to be affiliated with successful companies and brands and consumers choose to support them.  If you want their attention, then you need to communicate with them both directly and indirectly to keep them abreast of new products and services as well as successful promotions, events, and success stories.

Email Marketing

You've no doubt received those slick looking Emails from the big companies that are trying to sell you something - full of color, graphics, and eye-popping content. Have you thought about how powerful a tool this could be for you? This is a very effective way to reach your audience today. Whether you're trying to market to the end user directly, or need to provide your sales force with the correct tools, we can make this a reality.

Email Marketing is proven - this is an incredibly powerful way to spruce up a newsletter, tech bulletin, product announcement, etc. We offer this in two varieties:

Email Service

Our Email Service includes the following for each custom Email:

MS-USA Oct 09 NewsletterMS-USA SEMA 09 InvitationSMD Partner NewsletterSMD Member NewsletterMS-USA Mar 10 Newsletter